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Air Force and Air Defense Technical Institute (hereinafter referred to as VTÚLaPVO) represents a branch of the state enterprise Military Technical Institute (referred to as Military Technical Institute s.e.). The main activity of the Institute consists in integration of communication and information systems into the decision processes in the following areas:

  • support of army forces and air forces command;
  • support of security crisis management and many others.

VTÚLaPVO takes official responsibility of the Czech Republic Ministry of Defense for defense research, development and implementation of military engineering in the regions of its technical competence and further it participates also in testing engineering and in logistic support of various integrating systems across the segment of the Czech Republic. The Institute is thereto supplier of unique combat information systems in the region of Defence Ministry department of the Czech Republic.
VTÚLaPVO collaborates with series of significant abroad agencies and institutions, such as EDA (European Defence Agency), ESA (European Space Agency) and with similarly specialized working places, e.g. ESG - Germany, IFMT – Hungary, ITWL – Poland and further.

The significant part of VTÚLaPVO branch represents Distribution Information Centre of the organization for defence research NATO/RTO for the Czech Republic, which provides works of the Czech representatives at 6 expert panels and distributes all professional documents for the Czech Republic. VTÚLaPVO experts present interests of the Czech Republic and its Armed Forces at several panels and they play here the role of professional guaranty for interoperability of new systems realized in the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic and for systems integration into NATO.